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Anyone tried the Headphones in the Berzerk/Dre Commercial?

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Anyone tried the Headphones in the Berzerk/Dre Commercial?

Postby Hopsinshadie » Sep 29th, '13, 05:58

Not sure if this is the right section. Well, I really don't know if the headphones are worth the 100 something dollars, has anyone ever tried them?
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Re: Anyone tried the Headphones in the Berzerk/Dre Commercia

Postby Spyder » Sep 29th, '13, 07:04

100 something? Try three or four. They're the new beats. What is new about em... Prob the look and that's all.

People who've gotten them said they are worse than the originals, and that the right ear goes out soon after buying them. As does the ear bud beats... Which is odd. But beats is a name really, not really great headphones.

I have the studio and I like em, but I heard the new ones aren't good
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