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My iTunes is retarded

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My iTunes is retarded

Postby Ottawa613 » Nov 5th, '13, 06:18

Alright, what's up everyone.

So I have a MacBook Pro with iTunes 11 and whatever the latest little update is. I also have an iPhone 5 with the latest iOS.

My problem is strange. I'll buy a song, try to change the info about it (such as what album it's in so a single like Rap God is listed in MMLP2 and not separate). I downloaded Bieber's new songs he's putting out, a new single every week. Because I don't want to have 11 different albums under Bieber all with one song in each, I changed the album name and sorting shit on each to "Music Mondays" and changed everything. It looks perfect in my iTunes. It comes up in the order I want and asked for, the right album, etc. When I sync it with my iPhone, it fucks up and goes back to 11 albums, one in each. It's really annoying.

So because I love listening to Eminem's albums from start to finish in order, I changed it up. I had bought Berzerk, Survival and Rap God as singles at midnight when they were released. They were all under the gay format "Berzerk - Single" instead of Marshall Mathers LP2. So when the MMLP2 pre-order became available, I bought Berzerk, Rap God, Survival and The Monster all in the Marshall Mathers LP 2 format.

However, when the album started downloading today, it showed up fucked up on my phone again. My iTunes computer has it perfect. My phone has every song except Rap God, Berzerk, and Survival listed fine and under an album called "The Marshall Mathers LP 2". Survival is on an album called "The Marshall Mathers LP2". Rap God and Berzerk are in the single format. This is so annoying. Anyone have a suggestion?
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