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shadyblogger vs Dewey decimal (ww3)

shadyblogger vs Dewey decimal (ww3)

Postby Spyder » Mar 6th, '14, 03:55

How did I know you'd be a no show?
You might be saying "But I'm here you fucking homo."
I said it cuz your verse was just so-so
You can't even resize a picture for your avi you bozo
Your last avi was shit too
But you're an asshole, so it's cool
And I don't even need a flow in my raps to diss you
Unlike you, I spew some hate and just hope that it hits you
In the chest, just wear a vest man it's best, if you accept
The fact that you just got killed, now in pieces you rest
You fucking drug addict you can't even pass a fucking test
And that goes for school and sports you slob, man you're a fucking mess


Dewey decimal
it's the battle of 2 mics ... but hes trying to replace dews wife
Cuz All blogger-wants-is to "Toss-the-salad" Like food fights
Drop a uni verse, and im considered the best in the universe
but im just testing his "response ability" Like school and work
Talk and youre fish food , my dawgs arent shitzus
only ones "Feeling shady" Is cops when they frisk you
I'll make this pig oink, say im wack and smoke a thick joint
then he'll say dews-great, cuz hes "2-faced" like a trick coin
Veterans bird brained after reading decimals wordplay
cuz the Punches are 'ground breaking' like tremurs and earthquakes
World war 3 the pistols lined up, ill Make u wish u didnt sign up,
im doper-than-blog cuz im "over-the-top" Like the olympics high jump
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Re: shadyblogger vs Dewey decimal (ww3)

Postby Just Silver » Mar 6th, '14, 04:01

Im goin with dd

Shadys lacked punches but both lacked personals I felt dds was more of the harder hitting battle verse so I went with him

Flow wise it's up in the air

Im goin with Dewey
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Re: shadyblogger vs Dewey decimal (ww3)

Postby PAINKILLƎR » Mar 6th, '14, 04:10

Alright, nice battle.

Dewey Decimal had more of everything punches, wordplay, etc. I don't even think shadyblogger have any punches at all. You were talking shit, which isn't necessarily bad in a battle, its a start, but in a battle you gotta bring punchlines, personals, wordplay, create some witty/clever lines. That way you win over the crowd, judges, it's all about bringing an entertaining piece with battle rap fundamentals.

You're both new though and this was alright. My vote goes to Dewey Decimal, because he just was better all around. Don't get discouraged though shadyblogger, this is one of your better pieces I've seen from you. It's all a process, my first ever piece was complete shit. (please don't look it up)
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