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Top 10 Eminem songs

Random talk about Eminem.
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Re: Top 10 Eminem songs

Postby shadyblogger » Oct 22nd, '14, 02:46

DetroitSkills wrote:
Blogs McGooch wrote:
DetroitSkills wrote:10. Who Knew
9. Deja Vu
8. Soldier
7.Rock Bottom
6. Criminal
5. Stan
4. Sing For the Moment
3.Marshall Mathers
2. Lose Yourself
1. The Way I Am

Solid list

so hard tbh :laughing:

That's exactly what I was thinking
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Re: Top 10 Eminem songs

Postby Fleka » Oct 22nd, '14, 06:10

Bigray says "Who Knew>>>"-every next list has that song on it. The power of suggestion works here like a charm.
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Re: Top 10 Eminem songs

Postby slims » Oct 22nd, '14, 06:59

1.criminal/i'm back
2. evil twin
4. yellow brick road (This was not
5.groundhog day
6.must be the ganja
7.brain damage
8.say goodbye to hollywood
so many track 18s :laughing:
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Re: Top 10 Eminem songs

Postby Willou » Oct 22nd, '14, 08:53

1 : Say Goodbye Hollywood
2 : Sing For The Moment
3 : Lose Yourself
4 : Mockingbird
5 : Stan
6 : No Apologies
7 : The Way I Am
8 : Rap God
9 : 8 Mile
10 : Not Afraid

So difficult, this rank will change tomorrow...
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Trailer Trash
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Re: Top 10 Eminem songs

Postby Trax » Nov 26th, '14, 23:38

No order:

When im gone
Lose Yourself
Sing for the moment
The way I am
Cleaning out my closet
Like toy soldiers
8 mile road
No Apologies
Love you more
Till I collapse

12 songs but couldnt cut any of these
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Trailer Trash
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Re: Top 10 Eminem songs

Postby Ares » Nov 27th, '14, 00:46

Lose Yourself
Sing For The Moment
Till I Collapse
The Way I Am
Marshall Mathers
Cleaning Out My Closet
White America
The Real Slim Shady
Yelawolf sucks
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Re: Top 10 Eminem songs

Postby Zhadeix » Nov 27th, '14, 08:43

1. I'm Back (My all time favorite Eminem song ever)
2. Criminal
3. Brainless
4. Vegas (Bad Meets Evil)
5. Brainless
6. Evil Twin
7. Just Don't Give a Fuck
8. The Way I Am
9. Bad Guy
10. Fine Line

Left out A LOT of really awesome songs I love, so I just chose 20 songs I really love. (Although I'm Back is my all time fav, so that one is number 1)
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