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Power Of The Dollar (50 Cent)

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Power Of The Dollar (50 Cent)

Postby Jaba » Nov 22nd, '14, 02:13

This album/mixtape is amazing as hell. I love every track. This is possibly my favorite or 2nd fav 50 project. The beats/choruses/verses are all sick!

Also this is the shit Em heard and made him sign 50.

I've been listening to this shit for about a month (cousin wanted me 2 DL it for him so i did and i listened as well) and I love it and its not gotten old yet!


Also join the Raul-assisted idea (his #encorefam inspired this) and join #POWEROFTHEDOLLARFAM, cus tbh I never hear anyone talking about this shit.


Anyways, whats your thoughts on this joint?
Singin' "Bagpipes from Baghdad" again
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I've lost my mind, caution oh God I think I've just thought of another fucking line
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